Two Wheels Bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery serving Buffalo and Western New York. We are proud to offer a wide selection of baked goods that are satisfying to people with and without Gluten Sensitivities, alike.

At Two Wheels, we double and triple check our product sourcing, to be sure we are not allowing any trace amounts of gluten into our facilities. We also source for the best quality ingredients, to ensure the tastiest treats for our customers.


We first opened our doors to the public in April of 2018, and quickly picked up steam! We offered a Gluten Free space, the first of its kind in Buffalo, and served breakfast and lunch items, as well as pop-up dinners. Our holiday offerings were a huge hit, and we grew to add more and more menu and bakery options, including special order and wedding cakes.

Unfortunately, the end of 2019 brought along set backs in the form of the demolition of our beloved Ellicott Street home due to landlord neglect, and along with it, all of our equipment and tools.

This was a major set-back, but it didn't stop us! We were determined to keep providing Buffalo with delicious Gluten Free baked goods, and so found a new spot in Black Rock, to keep the dream alive. This spot will serve as a bakery only, but we have plans for a cafe on the West Side, so keep an eye out for details as we post them!


With the help of our amazing Buffalo community, we were able to keep preparing special orders, and have successfully finished work on our new Black Rock location.  We are so excited to announce the opening of our Grant Street bakery, and to be back to serving up delicious Gluten Free goodies to our Western New York Family!